What happens if we arm inner city teachers?

Philando Castile was a legal, licensed, gun owner who worked at an elementary school. I note that the NRA did not one thing for him or his family when a cop shot HIM dead for exsersizing his 2nd Amendment right.


Medicair work requirements are just another way to punish the poor

Medicaid is not something that can be abused by patients, it is abused by providers, punish them, Not people who rely on it to stay alive. Medicaid does not cover necessary things. we should make family planning available to women on Medicare, pregnancies and births are among the most costly things covered. If women are able to control when they have children, space out pregnancies for healthier outcomes, Medicaid saves money. if we expanded dental clinics that cover Medicaid, we know that dental health is directly tied to heart health and high blood pressure, could return to the workforce. These things would save money and actually keep people working.

Lemme Ladysplain it….

Lemme Ladyslpain it to ya, Bannon….fuck off you nasty nazi shmuk.


Killer Whale, Granny passes, 2017

such a heart rending story. Like the other giant animals of this planet, they are on the brink of extinction. We have, maybe, 10 year where we have a chance to turn the decline in numbers around. We collected an entire generation of killer whales for our “entertainment” in sea parks. Whales that should be the primary leaders and those that should be raising babies. With the new administration seemingly duing it’s damndest to kill off it’s most impoverished constiuants, I am sure our childeren will pass judgment on us harshly for the lack of stewardship of these mighty ocean leviathons.



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